Vida Massage 60/90 (Min)

Vida massge is our home massage, it contains a variety of manipulations and stretching but the best part of our massage is that it specializes in areas according to your needs to help improve the health of your body with specific manipulations of life massage.

$ 500/700

Swedish Massage 60/90 (Min)

Swedish massage is through Swabian landscapes for muscular and saguinea activation helping to correct blood flow by eliminating muscle contractions, thus allowing a correct nervous and muscular work of our body

$ 400/600

Deep Tissue Massage 60/90(Min)

Deep tissue massage is specialized for athletes who have cuntracturado the muscle and need more strength to enter between the muscles to achieve a full and true muscle ralajacion achieve a good job deep descontracturando the muscle

$ 450/650

Reflexology 40 (Min)

The Reflexologia helps us eliminate and detect many of the problems of the body since our feet can find all our main areas of the body and thus be able to detect and work all the discomforts

$ 350